AIDA Remix/Reprise Vol. 1 (2017.1.14 ~ 1.29)


AIDA Remix/Reprise Vol. 1
2017.1.14 ~ 1.29

Aya Kusakari (Painting)
Ba Chang (Photograph)
Popelier (Painting)
Naoki Sasayama (Painting)
Uriel Marin (Print)
Yusuke Yamaoka (Sound)
Duncan Dempster (Print)

Previously unexhibited pieces by previously exhibited artists.

OPEN 2:30pm to 7:30pm Saturday and Sunday
(First day starts with an opening party from 7pm~10pm)
OPEN 14:30〜19:30 土日

AIDA Gallery
Hakuen Bld. #32, Toyosaki 4-9-16, Kita-ku, Osaka

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