Naoki Sasayama Solo Exhibition “SOMEBODY”

Naoki Sasayama Solo Exhibition “SOMEBODY”

Naoki Sasayama, an artist who paints artwork based on the theme of human death, is commemorating the 15th year of his artistic career with a solo exhibition in two adjacent venues in Osaka. His work includes pictures depicting traffic accidents and murder scenes from across the globe and this exhibition will show artwork old and new, including pieces that have never been shown in the Kansai region before. It will be his first solo exhibition in the past four years.

 Exhibition dates: March 30th ~ April 15th, 2018 (OPEN Fri/Sat/Sun only)
Opening times: 1pm ~ 8pm
Reception party: March 31st (Sat) from 7pm ~ 10pm.

Entrance fee: 500 yen (re-entry permitted)
(Photography & posting on SNS allowed)

Venue: AIDA & CHOTTOノAIDA – Hakuen Bld. 3F, 4-9-16 Toyosaki, Osaka




入場料:500円 (再入場可能)

会場:AIDA & CHOTTOノAIDA – 大阪市豊崎4−9−16 白苑ビル3F

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